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Custom tokens creation and transfer


Waves Platform is a comprehensive public blockchain platform with an emphasis on custom token creation and decentralized trading, in addition to fiat gateways, smart contracts, mobile wallet, an incubator and other community-backed projects. Its goal is to spread blockchain availability among mainstream audiences.

Project Background

The goal of the Waves blockchain is to be able to easily create an exchange for digital assets while also providing a crowdfunding solution. Anyone can use Waves to launch, distribute, and trade their own crypto token, whether the incentive is to crowdfund a project, build out a loyalty rewards program, or create an in-app currency. Waves also includes a decentralized exchange in which users can trade your newly created coin in a trading pair with any other Waves token. 

Waves users can create their own customized token through simple UX/UI: lightweight clients provide an easy installation procedure and a flat learning curve. These token operations are added to the blockchain via plug-ins that are not included in the core software module, but are instead installed as an extension on top of it. This aims to open up a range of opportunities. Transfer process with tokenized fiat currencies could be faster and cheaper through compliant gateway operators than through bank transfers (once tokens are received, they can be exchanged back to fiat currencies at a ratio 1:1). Custom tokens can also be traded against one another, including ones tied to national currencies, thus replicating traditional trading infrastructures. 

Waves was founded by a Russian Physicist, Alexander Ivanov in 2016. Prior to launching Waves, Alexander co-founded other startups such as NXT cryptocurrency platform and Coinomat. Multiple members of the founding Waves team previously worked on the NXT project together. Instead of forking from NXT, the team decided to start from scratch, differentiating on inherent fiat integration, scalability and user-friendly interface. Latest partnerships include: providing Deloitte clients with ICO services, establishing a Blockchain platform that will facilitate distribution of digital assets with Moscow Stock Exchange and integrating Waves tokens into the Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency hardware wallet. At the time of writing, a global update to Waves app for iOS and Android was about to be released.


The core components of the platform include the Waves Client and Waves Wallet. The Client is used to perform most actions in the network and allows users to issue, transfer and trade assets. Waves Wallet compliments the Waves Client by allowing users to store, track, transfer, and manage tokens, including ones that are acquired and those that are created by users. The Waves Wallet has built-in decentralized exchange functionality to transfer between various assets. In addition to the primary wallet platform Waves offers a mobile version for Android and iOS devices. 

A focus of the platform is fiat gateways which aim to allow users to deposit currencies like USD or EUR from a bank account and create tokens based on fiat currencies. Transactions between fiat and tokens are recorded directly to the waves blockchain. In order to use this feature users are required to complete additional KYC/AML steps not required for pure crypto-to-crypto transactions. 

Crypto gateways are used to transfer other cryptoassets between Waves and other blockchains. Currently, the platform supports transactions in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and Monero. Once an asset has been confirmed as received by the gateway, the user’s wallet is credited with a Waves token backed by the deposited asset. 

The Waves platform set the record for processing the most transactions of any blockchain project in a single day in October 2018. The network completed 6.1 million transactions, surpassing the previous record-holder, EOS, which had 5.4 million.


Sale Start 4/12/2016

Sale End 5/31/2016

Type its own blockchain

Initial Distribution 85%

Current Supply 100,000,000

Max Supply 100,000,000

Emission Type fixed

Over the course of its crowdfunding campaign, Waves raised over $22 million or roughly 30,000 BTC. A total of 100 million tokens were created with token sale participants receiving 85% of total supply (85 million WAVES). A total of 15 million tokens are reserved for bounties and the development team in the following proportions: 


Whitepaper - Website - Github - Twitter

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